London Marathon 2019

28 Apr 2019 / News

Ehud Eliashar raised the magnificent sum of £7,068.75 for Youth Talk by taking part in this year's London Marathon.

Here is Ehud's story:

"On Christmas Day 2016 my son Alon took his life aged only 23. He did not leave a note, and we will never know what pushed him to make this move.

Alon was a very talented 3D animator, and during the last few months of his life he was working hard to establish his own production company, Animascot.

From a very young age Alon developed social awareness, and through his animation as well as his deeds he aspired for a change.

Ever since that tragic day, every time I take part in a marathon I dedicate the funds raised to a different organisation, a charity that works towards issues that would matter for Alon, as well as those dealing with suicide prevention and bereavement".