Calling all 18-25 year olds

30 Jan 2020 / News

We have received a tremendous response to our recently launched Youth Survey - over 1250 responses to date which is truly amazing! We would love to have a few more responses from young people 18 - 25 years of age so please do share the link and encourage more people over 18 years to take part.

Youth Talk reaches out to all 18-25 year olds in St Albans

Local charity Youth Talk is calling on all 18-25 year olds across the District to take part in what is being billed as potentially the largest survey of young people ever to be undertaken in St Albans. The survey aims to better understand the views of Young People to mental health issues and the barriers which might exist to getting support in St Albans.

Chief Executive David Barker said “Since joining Youth Talk last year it has become increasingly apparent that far too many young people across the District are not getting the support they need. As a vital local service we need to understand the barriers that exist – particularly around getting access to counselling services – and then build a plan to begin to improve things in the future”.

Youth Talk was founded in 1997 by a local GP who realised that there was a significant need for a safe place where young people in St Albans could go for counselling and support with their mental health and emotional wellbeing. The local charity is currently undertaking a major review of its services in order to build a new strategic plan for the future.

The survey is being distributed across all secondary schools in St Albans and has had the backing of the St Albans and Harpenden Youth Council, Schools, local GP’s and other professionals working in the area of mental health in Hertfordshire. Mental Health Champion for the District Council Anthony Rowlands said “Having been a long term supporter of the work of Youth Talk I would encourage every young person to take part in this important survey. The voice of Young People is critical if we are to begin to change things for the better”.

Youth Talk is also currently considering the potential development of a new mental health alliance for St Albans. This would bring together key players and decision makers responsible for providing services to young people. “Results of the new survey will not only help Youth Talk develop its own plan and services for the future but it will also give us some rich insight into other things we could be doing across the District to improve the current lack of support for young people” David Barker added.

The survey can be easily accessed online at